How to Troubleshoot the Exmark Zero Turn Mower

How to Troubleshoot the Exmark Zero Turn Mower

The Exmark Zero Turn mower is designed to allow the operator to mow around obstacles such as trees, easier than using a standard mower. The Exmark mower features two levers that control the front wheels, allowing each front wheel to turn independent of the other. If the Exmark Zero Turn mower will not start, won’t get gas, or if the engine runs poorly, the manufacturer suggests the following troubleshooting steps to diagnose and fix the problem. Here is how to troubleshoot the Exmark Zero Turn Mower.

Check the motion control levers. Move the motion control levers outward, using your hands. The levers must be in the “Park” position before the engine will start.

Move the blade control switch to “Disengaged.” Push down on the blade control switch to turn it off. If the blade control switch is engaged, the mower will not start.

Check the fuel tank for gas, If the gas is not near the full line indicator, add gas.

Check the spark plug wire. Remove the spark plug wire by pulling it off the spark plug, using your fingers. Examine the end of the plug wire to make sure it is free of dirt. Clean the spark plug wire, if necessary. Push the spark plug wire firmly onto the spark plug.

Engage the choke before starting the engine. Pull up on the choke lever to engage the choke. Push the choke lever down after the engine has started.

Now that you know how to troubleshoot the Exmark Zero Turn Mower, you can often use the same troubleshooting steps to solve the problems with many other models of Exmark Mowers.

Source: Exmark Zero Turn Manual


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